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Orpington Minibus Hire



Orpington – HOME 
Our reputable minibus hire in Orpington has been serving the community for many years. Schools, businesses and community groups have all requested our services when they need transportation for important occasions. We always help residents of this part of Kent to reach their destinations without a hassle. You can trust us to take care of you. 
A good Orpington minibus hire can make planning for any occasion much easier. We have seen first-hand the stress that people experience during funerals and even joyful occasions such as business celebrations. With our friendly team handling all of your travel arrangements, you will have one less thing to worry about. 
Trendy Vehicles 
We always offer our clients the best when it comes to transportation. All of our buses are made by leading companies in the transportation sector. Whether you prefer a 16 seater, 24 seater or 72 seater, we have it available for the convenience of your team. With our selection of air conditioned buses, you will always reach wherever you’re going feeling relaxed. 
The most modern amenities are available on our coaches. We don’t always have guests work while they travel with us but if you want to, we have several tools which make it easier to do your job. Audio visual tools and ports for your laptop are available.  
Those who want to catch up on their rest can do so easily by adjusting their seats to a safe yet comfortable position. With curtains, you can create a private environment that is ideal for you. Naturally, all of our guests can made plans ahead of time for how they each want to spend their time. It is our pleasure to help you have a trip that is customised to suit your needs. 
Enjoy Orpington 
Orpington is a bustling town which has made a mark in the agricultural industry in the United Kingdom. It is known for the richly colourful Orpington chickens, a breed which is prized for its size and meat quality. Orpington is also home to the Orpington Business Park, one of the first speculative warehouse developments in the United Kingdom. It uses energy saving technologies to dramatically reduce operational costs. 
Orpington frequently has visitors who are here in business. We can take you to any street that is ideal for your business meetings, including: 
Abbey Close 
Allendale Place 
Ampleforth Close 
Badgers Copse 
Broomhill Road 
Dorado Gardens 
Knoll Rise 
St. Aubyns Gardens 
Crofton Roman Villa is a popular attraction for people of all ages. This brings visitors from all over Kent. We also transport a fair number of international visitors to this historic site. You can still see the remains of several rooms from A.D. 140, complete with tessellated tile flooring and heating systems. 
Our Orpington minibus hire usually transports visitors to Crofton Roman Villa in the latter part of the year. You and members of your party can actually touch selected items from the archaeological excavation. If you are interested in a special guided tour, you can book this in advance from April to October. 
Charles Darwin Down House 
The home of Charles Darwin is often a point of interest among international visitors to Kent. Down House tours include interactive exhibitions, peeks at Darwin’s daily life and walks in the gardens attached to his home. If you wish, you can enjoy lunch at the cafe, which is actually the kitchen where Darwin’s meals were prepared. 
A visit to Chartwell is easy to facilitate if you are already near Down House. Chartwell was Sir Winston Churchill’s home and it is a part of the National Trust. There are numerous things to see on the estate, whether you have a whole day or just a few hours to spend touring. Our minibus hire in Orpington can transport your family there on a day trip or take business teams there after a meeting. 
You will see portraits of the Churchill family inside the home. There are several treasures there and it is still decorated as it was in the 1930s. Museum rooms display gifts received by the former British Prime Minister. Art lovers will be able to enjoy more than 130 paintings from the family’s collection. 
Swanley Park  
Swanley Park offers a bouncy castle, boat lake, cafe and much more. You can easily spend an entire day here with family and friends. Our Orpington minibus hire can do all of the driving for you so have energy to enjoy the miniature railway, paddling pool and other fun activities. The park is developed with things to do which are suitable for children of all ages so you can plan to have time to rest while your children play. The park has space for everyone in your group to enjoy a relaxing picnic. 
Flexible Arrangements 
Our minibus hire in Orpington can help with travel arrangements for any trip that you have in mind. If you wish to go to the airport, we have buses which can accommodate groups of any size. Our Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos and Iveco coaches are designed with separate compartments for your personal belongings so your suitcases can be stored safely. 
We can take you anywhere around Orpington or Kent. Visit our website today to book your trip with us. If you have any questions about our routes or other aspects of your trip, call our friendly customer service representatives for assistance. 


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